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We want to make Fishponds an even better place…

Published on: 31 Jan 2017

THAT'S our aim, but who are we? Fishponds Planning comprises a small but dedicated group of around 30 local residents who care passionately about the area in which they live. In short, we’re determined that the local community should be fully involved and represented in the development of their area and should benefit from the developments.

We are an affiliated sub-group of the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership, which covers the electoral wards of Eastville, Frome Vale and Hillfields, and are made up of residents, councillors, community and voluntary groups and public agencies, and we use their assistance on planning matters whenever possible.  

Fishponds Planning’s members cover many cross-sections of Fishponds’ diverse community, but we still need more of you from all communities to join us. Only then can we fully represent everyone’s views and make Fishponds a great place for everyone.

So, what have we done? Well, in the short time that we’ve been around, we have undertaken two neighbourhood surveys, supported the Make Sunday Special event in Fishponds Park last year and helped out with the Christmas lights and the Glow in the Park in Fishponds Park organised by the Friends of Fishponds Park at Christmas.  

From the surveys, we are working out what it is that people want, don’t want, like and dislike about Fishponds, so that we can use that as a template for what to ask for in current and future developments.  

From the planning side of things, we have passed comment on several of the large developments proposed in the Fishponds area including Beacon Tower, the Speedwell Pool development, the Ebenezer Chapel conversion on Fishponds Road and pushing for more social and affordable housing at Blackberry Hill.

So, what are we doing? We are currently looking to create site development plans for some sites around Fishponds, to identify how we can build our survey results into new developments. We only tend to look at residential development sites of 10 units or more or commercial developments that are of public interest – we don’t get involved with people’s extensions or loft conversions. We have also held a small workshop on January 24 to prioritise the current sites, as we can only really focus on one at a time, and we want to put the most effort we can into each one.

Want to know more?  Please take a look at our website or join our Facebook page (details below), or just come along to our next meeting on Thursday February 23 at 7.30pm at UWE Glenside Campus (which UWE generously let us use free of charge).  You don’t need any planning experience, you just need an interest in helping to get the best for Fishponds.

So, if you’ve got an idea, are fed up with developments seemingly being foisted on Fishponds and want to make Fishponds a great place to live, please join us and have a voice in your community.


Grant Hudson

Chair of Fishponds Planning

Facebook: Fishponds Planning


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