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We need action at trouble spots

FISHPONDS residents are calling for action to at two notorious trouble spots where they say attempts to manage traffic have made things worse.

People who travel on Royate Hill say a chicane put in as a road safety measure, which means traffic can only pass under the Royate Hill Viaduct in one direction at a time, is making their lives a misery.

They say it is causing queues of vehicles belching out exhaust fumes and is also a hazard to pedestrians when some drivers speed up to dash through before traffic arrives at the chicane from the opposite direction.     

Meanwhile, people concerned about safety of pedestrians on a junction Fishponds Road where drivers continue to ignore a no-left turn rule are organising a campaign to pressure the council to make changes.

They want to see fines for drivers who break the law at the Hockeys Lane junction and a change in the way the traffic lights are sequenced.


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