£2 parking charge plan for Oldbury Court estate

June 29 2018

PEOPLE living around Oldbury Court estate have until the end of the month to have their say about proposed parking charges.

Bristol City Council is seeking views on charging visitors £2 a day to park as well as on possible traffic management measures nearby such as double and single yellow lines, which it says will protect junctions and driveways.

The move, which has been on the cards for years, has not been popular with residents in narrow roads surrounding the estate, who say drivers will park outside their homes rather than pay parking charges.

They argue they would be unable to park outside their homes and it would be difficult for emergency vehicles, delivery lorries and carers' cars to get where they need.

The new council consultation includes a detailed map of the area and sites where the council believes waiting restrictions should be placed.

The proposals show extended parking restrictions mostly around the entrance to the car park and in a few streets off Gill Avenue and on various street corners.

Resident Stuart Main is urging locals to make ther views known: "While we appreciate that the council wishes to increase revenue by charging for parking at Oldbury Court, they also need to consider how to minimise the adverse impact this will have on both local residents and park users," he said. 

"Even with the proposed restrictions, there will be at least 50 on-street spaces close to the car park entrance. It is obvious that park users, especially the regulars, will park in local streets wherever possible rather than pay. .

"Excessive parking in already congested streets will increase the likelihood of obstruction and access problems for everyone, and, at busy times, we could have gridlock. 

"Another unpleasant consequence of these proposals will be that existing green spaces next to the roadside, including off Perrymans Close and Gill Avenue, will become car parks and as such, churned up, muddy eyesores. Has the council given any thought on how to prevent this?"

Residents are being asked if they think there are any additional locations where double yellow lines or junction protection would be beneficial or if they think there are any existing restrictions which should be changed or are no longer necessary.

The council has also asked people who feel their driveway should be protected as a result of any changes to let them know. 

Mr Main said he believed the council should go back to the drawing board.

"The council needs to think again and come up with much more imaginative proposals which address the very real problems that charging for car parking in Oldbury Court estate will create."

The council is carrying out a similar consultation around the Blaise Castle estate. Details of both can be  found at https://bristol.citizenspace.com/communities/new-tro-blaise-castle-oldbury-court/

The council says any issues raised during the initial engagement will be considered and, if appropriate, taken into account in the preparation of the proposed traffic management scheme. 

This would then progress to a formal consultation through a Traffic Regulation Order, which would last for a further period of 21 days.

To register your views email parksconsultation@bristol.gov.uk stating Oldbury Park Estate in the subject line of your email or write to Bristol Parks, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS. 

The deadline for responses is Monday July 30.