A welcome for all seasons

December 03 2019
A welcome for all seasons

News from the Friends of Eastville Park

IT is fascinating to observe the vivid colours of autumn being slowly replaced with the greys and browns that accompany the onset of winter. The change creates the perfect landscape backdrop for viewing the park’s wildlife. The rich plumage of the kingfisher or the warm glow of a visiting goldcrest set against the thinning foliage are just a few of the amazing photographs we’ve seen on the Friends group page this month. For folk who are not able to visit Eastville Park or for those who have moved far away, the photos are a source of wonder and of fond memories that help to create a sense of belonging and being part of the park ‘family’. Over the coming year, the Friends are looking at some ideas that reach out to those who are unable to access the park, giving those who may be disabled or isolated the chance to explore and enjoy what the rest of us take for granted. We’ll be launching a programme of Community Engagement in the new year that will focus on small, regular activities. Throughout this last year, volunteers have enabled us to do so much and we’re very much looking forward to building on our successes into 2020. A combination of our own efforts and the support of the new Parks Foundation volunteer co-ordinator has seen a healthy increase in people helping with activities around the park. We’re excited to have a group of Bristol University students as ‘regulars’ now. They have been involved with our Santa preparations,

cataloguing our second hand book store and with Parkwork on preparing wildflower beds and bulb planting on the verges. We’ve just had the last of our pop-up cafes for this year and we’d like to thank everyone who visited and made it such a successful favourite amongst our park users. A very special mention for June Pugsley, who ran the kitchen with military precision but never failed to create the warm and friendly feel of a home kitchen for the family of helpers! We will be back in 2020.

IT WILL have been hard to miss the publicity for our Santa’s Grotto event on December 8 and we’re all very excited that it’s almost upon us! The change of venue to the Old Bowling Green enables us to have all facilities on site and logistics far more manageable than at the lake. We’d love to have a few more volunteers on the day and we’ll be delighted to accept any offers of homemade soup or cakes right up to the day itself so please get in touch with us at our email address below if you’d like to be part of our Elf family fun! The roll out of the Electric Vehicle Charging Hub took place on 20th November. Alongside the car park, visitors will have noticed

that the playground has been occupied by contractors installing a new piece of play equipment and surfacing. This is the first, we hope, of many new features supported by Friends’ funds and CIL money from BCC. I was very interested to observe a demonstration of battery powered park maintenance machinery earlier this week. A wide range of mowers and other machines were on display so we may soon see the retirement of the older combustion engine models in our park. Staying with the topic of environmental impact; our chair, Sarah West attended the Bristol One City event looking at ways that Bristol can adapt and mitigate the impact of climate change. Our park historians, Mo Lewis and Pam Bush are still working tirelessly putting together a history of the park and are keen to use any material that might help to tell the story.

It was a lovely surprise earlier this week to spot on the group page an old picture from the 1920s that one of our members had come across while rummaging through his loft! It was one none of us had seen before so we were really excited to be able to add it to our collection of old photographs. If you have anything you think might be interesting, please let us know. In closing, it just remains to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas from the Friends of Eastville Park and we look forward to bringing you up to date with all the latest in the New Year!


The Parkie