A young man with his head in clouds!

May 30 2018

MY dream of becoming a pilot started when I was 13 years of age.

My parents had bought me a taster flight at Membury Flying Club for my birthday as at that time I was thinking of becoming a pilot as a possible career. 

I really enjoyed the taster flight and it made me want to become a pilot even more, I was hooked and I knew from that moment on a pilot was the career for me.   

My parents agreed to some further lessons, which started in June 2014. My training was in the same aircraft type that was used for my taster flight, an Ikarus C42B.  I usually had a couple of lessons a month and fitted them around school work, the weather and when my parents could get me to the airfield. The ground school wasn’t my favourite but I knew it had to be done and the flying made it all worthwhile as it was great fun to do, it's pretty amazing to be at the controls of an aircraft.

I did some research and found that I would have to be at least sixteen to fly solo and I would have to be seventeen before I could get my National Pilots Licence (NPPL), so I set about making these my goals!

I am happy to say, I did fly solo a few days after my sixteenth birthday, the only thing that prevented me doing it on my actual birthday was the weather. 

Recently I transferred to The Flying Shack that fly out of Gloucestershire Airport (EGBJ). The reason I transferred here is because it’s a commercial airport with air traffic control and would also give me the experience of flying in and around a busy airport, this would be an advantage for me particularly when using the radio.

I have just turned seventeen and I was excited to spend the day in the car travelling to the CAA in London to collect my licence on the actual day of my birthday.  

I am currently studying Travel & Tourism at SGS College Filton as I’m still too young (at the moment) to apply for selection at one of the UK’s commercial pilots' academies. If I am successful I am hoping to get on an 18 month commercial pilot training course and then hopefully into the right-hand seat of a jet for an airline!