Adventurer Kelly aces ice challenge

November 29 2018

A FISHPONDS woman who took on a tough running challenge inside the Arctic Circle has come through with flying colours.

Kelly Sheldrick went to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland to take part in the Polar Circle Marathon.

If that wasn’t tough enough, when she got there she decided to run a half-marathon as well, on a course which went over and ice sheet and passed through snow and tundra.

Kelly, who works for Bristol financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown, took on the challenge despite admitting that she hates the cold.

She said: “I’m not going to lie, in the week leading up to the run I was extremely nervous.

“My training had not really gone to plan, and even my work mate kept telling me she was concerned for my safety.

“Originally I had signed up to just the full marathon. However, once I met a couple of the other runners and discovered they were signed up to do the Polar Challenge (both a marathon and half marathon) I decided I had better just sign up, too.”

The kit Kelly took with her included a face mask to prevent frostbite from the cold air and some crampons to fit to her trainers for running on the ice cap.

Kelly finished the marathon in 5th place in around 4 hours 30 minutes, the half-marathon in 14th at around 2hr 30min and the overall challenge in 12th, from a field of about 120 runners.

She said: “Running on the ice cap was by far my favourite part of the run. My heavy-duty spikes were awesome!

“Apart from getting a bit carried away and running in the complete wrong direction, it couldn’t have gone much better. I also managed not to freeze – so that was a bit of a bonus.”

Kelly is collecting sponsorship to support Ometepe Bilingual School in Nicaragua, which teaches children in Spanish and English to give them better opportunities and has been built from ‘ecobricks’ made from plastic bottles and other recycled waste. So far she has raised almost £500.

She is now on the lookout for a new challenge and is looking for suggestions.

You can donate to Kelly’s fundraising campaign online at