Asbestos fears as McDonald's gets set to demolish tile warehouse

October 06 2017

FAST FOOD giant McDonald's is pressing ahead with its plans for a drive-through on Fishponds Road.

FAST FOOD giant McDonald's is pressing ahead with its plans for a drive-through on Fishponds Road.
The firm, which won permission after a six-day public inquiry in June to open the two-storey restaurant, has now applied to Bristol City Council for planning permission to demolish the derelict tile warehouse on the site at 541-551 Fishponds Road.
The Say No to McDonald's in Fishponds group, which led a spirited opposition to the drive-through alongside a busy road in a built-up area, has pledged to monitor developments closely and to ensure that the impact is minimised through the 29 planning conditions stipulated by the inspector Martin Whitehead.
Some members have lodged concerns about the demolition application - 17/04974/N  - on the Bristol City Council planning website.
Pauline Shaw, of Grove Park Terrace, said she was worried about the risks of asbestos removal.
" I am particularly concerned about the impact on the local residents, customers of the Star public house, pedestrians, cyclists and children as no consideration has been given to these people whatsoever. I would therefore like to be given complete reassurance that this large-scale demolition will not impact the health of the general public," she commented online.  
She also asked: "How will an effective traffic management system be put into place both for construction vehicles on site but also for managing the transition of vehicles between site and on to the main road?"
Ms Shaw and others also expressed anxieties about the threat to a badger sett and about the removal of guano - feathers and pigeon droppings - from the site, as well as possible noise and air pollution.
Louise Lowman, of Lodore Road, commented that she had multiple concerns about the demolition process.
However, another commenter on the site supported the demolition, saying: "I hope the council will do all it can to help expedite the completion of this eagerly anticipated development and get the new significant sums of business rates from McDonald's rolling into the council coffers as soon as possible. I know the vast majority of my Fishponds friends and acquaintances can't wait for the new restaurant to open."
McDonald's estimates that the demolition works will take about ten weeks.