August 2018: Vet's Advice

August 03 2018

Beware summer hazards

Warmer weather usually brings longer dog walks in the park, cats lounging in the sun and beach holidays! Whilst we’re enjoying the weather we must remember our responsibilities to keep our pets safe.

When the weather is warmer we must avoid walking dogs during the middle of the day, on occasions, not at all if it remains warm into the late evening. Long-haired dogs and short-nosed breeds are at increased risk of over-heating so extra caution should be taken.

Sun burn is another problem owners should be aware of. Animals with thin fur or white nose and ear tips benefit from having pet-safe sun cream applied to afore-mentioned at-risk areas.

During warmer weather we also see blooms of blue-green algae in streams and ponds. It causes liver failure in dogs and cats so be sure to take care when out and about. If you suspect that blue-green algae may be present, or there are warning signs, ensure your pet does not drink or swim in the water.

Bee and wasp stings are also worth being aware of. Similar to humans this can be very uncomfortable and will cause problems if it causes swelling in the airways. Usually this occurs when a dog or cat has tried to catch the wasp or bee in their mouth!

Small pets kept outside should also not be forgotten. Frozen 2 litre water bottles wrapped in a towel can be beneficial. It may also be worth moving them into some shade e.g. a garage, but ensure they still have some daylight through a window. Flystrike can also be an issue. This is quite unpleasant and requires urgent veterinary treatment.

We hope you all have a safe summer. As always, if you have any questions or need veterinary help please give us a call at Kingswood Vets4Pets  on 0117 961 6417.