Begbrook Primary trim trail is up and running

January 29 2019

YOUNGSTERS at Begbrook Primary Academy just can't get enough of the latest addition to their playground - a trim trail.

The equipment has just been installed after a fundraising campaign by the school's Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) and already it's proving a big hit with pupils.

Sarah Pascoe, secretary of the PTFA, said: "We hope the trim trail is the beginning of the revamping of Begbrook's outdoor space.  

"It has been purchased with all proceeds raised at BegFest18, our school summer extravaganza. The event was open to the public one evening after school where we enjoyed an evening of music, games and entertainment.  

"We couldn't have raised so much without the support of all our parents, staff and teachers. We are lucky to have such a fantastic community and we hope to continue raising funds to transform the outdoor space."

Principal Laurie Munro said: "We are incredibly lucky at Begbrook Primary Academy to have such a fantastic PTFA.  

"They organise a wide range of wonderful events, creating great community spirit while at the same time raising funds for the benefit of all Begbrook children. The most recent addition to our extensive school grounds has been a real hit with the children from nursery to Year 6."