Bristol council election preview: Eastville ward

April 08 2021
Bristol council election preview: Eastville ward

Bristol goes to the polls on May 6 to elect a new city council, Bristol Mayor, Metro Mayor and Police & Crime Commissioner. The Voice is previewing all the election contests in Fishponds, including the contest for the Eastville ward.

BRISTOL City Council's Eastville ward covers Fishponds Road and streets on either side of it, from the junction with Stapleton Road up to Hockeys Lane and Channons Hill.

It includes Eastville Park, Greenbank Cemetery, the areas of Stapleton around Colston's School, roads around Small Lane, south of Blackberry Hill, Thingwall Park, Royate Hill, Rose Green, Clay Bottom and Clay Hill. To the south it extends to parts of Speedwell north of Speedwell Road, including streets on either side of Brook Road and Whitefield Road.

In the last election in 2016 Labour won both seats. One of the councillors elected, Sultan Khan, defected to the Liberal Democrats. The other, Mhairi Threlfall, is not standing in this year's election.

The Voice asked the city's political parties to send a picture and some details of their candidates for the election.

We have included the responses we received, along with the names of the other candidates.  

They appear here in alphabetical order, as they will be on the ballot paper:  


Jacob Anstey (Conservative) 

The Voice has not received any information or pictures relating to this candidate.


Marley Bennett (Labour)

I am closely connected to Eastville; I learnt to swim in the Speedwell Swimming Pool and first played football in Eastville Park. I’ve loved growing up here and want to make Eastville the best place it can be to live.

I’ve worked for the MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, for the past 3 years. As a result, I’ve been involved in a wide range of local events and residents’ meetings, so I have a strong sense of the issues that are important to the community.

I hope to be able to work to empower people and improve the area.


Leigh Cooper (Conservative)

The Voice has not received any information or pictures relating to this candidate.


Lorraine Francis (Green)

Lorraine is a Social Worker, fully accredited counsellor and is determined to work hard and stand up for the people of Eastville.

Lorraine cares about the well-being of others and wants to continue to work alongside other local volunteers and activists to make changes to the issues which residents have spoken to her about, including transport, litter and fly-tipping and intrusive anti-social behaviour. The lack of facilities for young people and working alongside other groups such as Acorn, to tackle housing-related issues.

By electing Lorraine, you will have a hard-working and visible councillor, willing to listen to the community's needs.


Sultan Khan (Liberal Democrats)

The Liberal Democrats have listed sitting councillor Sultan Khan on their website as one of their candidates for the election.


Mike Luff (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 

The Voice has not received any information or pictures relating to this candidate.


Justin Quinnell (Green)

Justin is a local campaigner focusing on issues of transport, housing, education and green spaces. He is involved in Friends of Eastville Park and was an original member of Sustrans in 1977.

As well as a University lecturer he is a director of the Real Photography CIC, working with local charities and primary schools from the community darkrooms at St Paul's learning Centre.

Justin is actively campaigning against the continual creep of building on patches of Green land surrounding Eastville Park, such as the planned housing estate at Bridge Farm and the destruction of the Merchant Arms garden.


Mohammad Rashid (Liberal Democrats)

The Liberal Democrats have listed Mohammad Rashid on their website as one of their candidates for the election.


Sangeetha Wynter (Labour)

I have grown up in Fishponds and have volunteered in the community since leaving school. I am passionate about helping people and currently work as a teacher at an alternative provision. Since being selected, I have already organised litter picks and attended many community meetings alongside Marley, my running mate. All this experience has enabled me to gain a sense of what’s happening in the area. I am really excited about the prospect of representing a diverse ward like Eastville. Being a young councillor is an advantage, as I have the time and energy to really commit to this role.