Bristol film becomes a phenomenal best-seller

November 29 2018

Sir Tony Robinson’s History of Bristol DVD breaks records.

‘No one else does history like him, we are so lucky the city has this unique of record of its history, presented by such a big national star.’ Martin Weitz of Bristol’s Focus Productions.

Last year it became one of the fastest-selling DVDs on Amazon and at Waterstones ( at both The Galleries and Cribbs Causeway branches) . Now it has become available again -  but probably for the last time ever, say the producers. 

Sir Tony Robinson’s famed History of Bristol was a remarkable sensation last year,  wherever it went on sale.  

‘It was phenomenal, we couldn’t cope with the demand,’ says producer Weitz.  Orders were coming in from all over the country, not only from the Bristol and the South West, but from Sussex to Surrey,  Scotland to Stratford-on-Avon, it seemed as if everyone just wanted  to have a copy  - or give it as a gift to someone they love, we even had orders from Australia!’

‘I think it’s become such a popular DVD because it’s presented so entertainingly by TV’s favourite historian.  Sir Tony’s passion and enthusiasm for Bristol really shines through’, says producer Weitz.  

‘It’s such a pleasure to be able to sing the praises of my favourite British city, show you its magnificent architecture, and tell you some of its fascinating stories.’ says Tony who, not so many years ago, used to live in Clifton.

The original film was made just over 20 years ago and the producers have restored the master onto a high quality DVD format so it can be enjoyed again in this special anniversary edition. 

Historic places in Bristol visited by Tony in the DVD include: 

*Tony’s visit deep into the mysterious Redcliffe Caves  *Tony inside the ruins of the pump room of the 18th century Hotwells Spa.   * A visit to the Clifton Rocks Railway    * Tony on board The SS Great Britain  *A breathtaking ascent to the top of the Cabot Tower  *An eye-opening visit to St Mary Redcliffe Church where Tony meets up with Blackadder character Baldrick’s ‘old friend Queenie’. * Bristol’s role in the Slave Trade *The Matthew sailing down the River Avon, into open sea for the first time. 

Sir Tony Robinson’s  famed History of Bristol  is available from Waterstones, The Galleries, and Waterstones Cabot Circus, Bristol Tourist Office, Canon’s Rd (next to The Watershed), Bristol Bridge Visitor Centre, at all branches of Romantica AND it can also be ordered online from  for only £9.99.