BS16 Wildlife Group: Join us

April 01 2021
BS16 Wildlife Group: Join us

By Maya Loaiza, BS16 Wildlife group

FOR the past couple of years, budding groups of conservationists have been busying themselves with protecting and enhancing the conditions for wildlife in their local green spaces.

Most of them volunteers, they are driven by the passion to coexist alongside wildlife in a more balanced way and to provide it with a better chance of survival in our dramatically-altered world. This has seen groups carrying out a wide array of tasks over the years, from creating nature trails to reintroducing native wildflowers to the green spaces, with many things in between.

One of the current projects currently being undertaken is the creation of wildlife groups for each postcode within Bristol. These aim to map out and survey all the green spaces in and around the city, from cemeteries to local nature reserves, to determine the extent to which nature is thriving. This information will then be presented in a report and updated regularly, in order to monitor the distribution of wildlife over time and highlight any issues, such as species loss.

My Wild Bedminster and the Avon Wildlife Trust were the catalyst of this extensive project, which has now attracted the help of Groundwork’s Young Ranger groups and students from the University of the West of England. All share the passion to improve the environment and understand the importance of an abundant variety of different species in our habitats, in order to keep ecosystems strong and resilient.

We hope you would agree that our green spaces are important for the health and well-being of not just us but of all the species we share this space with, and that every one of us has a part to play in the journey towards strengthening the biodiversity of our beautiful city. Therefore, we’d love to invite all to join the BS16 Wildlife Group on Facebook, to receive local updates on this project, and to share any wildlife news, photography, ideas and events with fellow nature lovers.

Alternatively, we’d love to hear what you have to share through email at

A great place to start is to think about things you can do in your own green space. Adding a birdhouse or limiting the use of harmful pesticides in your garden will help to increase the variety of species that will come to enjoy your garden, providing them with the food and shelter they need to let their numbers thrive. Whatever you spot or decide to do in your garden and beyond, we’d love to hear about it.