Burst main leaves thousands without water and closes busy road for days

July 30 2019
Burst main leaves thousands without water and closes busy road for days

A STREET was flooded and thousands of homes left without water after one of Bristol's biggest underground mains burst.

A stretch of Royate Hill was inundated in the early hours of July 25 after the supply pipe ruptured, sending water gushing through the road surface.

Supply company Bristol Water quickly brought in workers to isolate the damaged main and start repairs.

The incident left around 3,000 homes in Bristol without water for several hours. But homes in the streets around the burst did not lose their supplies, as the main was carrying water through the area to other parts of the city.

At around 3am the company reported that parts of Fishponds, Speedwell, Kingswood and St George had lost supplies but the worst affected areas, which were without water until the afternoon, were Stapleton, Eastville, St Agnes, Lockleaze and Horfield.

Bottled water was delivered to people registered with the firm as having a medical condition, disability or small children. Bristol Water also sent a bowser – a small water supply tanker - to New Friends Hall in Heath House Lane, Stapleton, during the afternoon but by that time supplies to the affected areas were returning after being rerouted through other pipes.


Sonia Threlfall

Sonia Threlfall, above, lives in Bridge Street, close to where the main burst.

She said: "I saw a blue flashing light and had a look outside. The whole road was flooded – it was going into the nature reserve and the allotments.

"They had to move the parked cars because the water was coming up underneath a van.

"They closed the road off and came in the middle of the night and started work, so I didn't get much sleep!"

Diane Grubb, who lives in nearby Stonebridge Park, was woken up as workers started digging.

She said: "We had water the whole time but my brother in Lockleaze was rung by an automated call to say his water was out and my friends in Horfield and Stapleton told me they'd lost their water – I'd just had a bath!"

The busy route between Eastville and Whitehall was due to reopen on July 31, after the new surface had set.

Drivers were diverted along nearby roads – although some moved cones to try and drive through.


Workers repairing the damaged main at Royate Hill

Bristol Water’s chief customer officer, Ben Newby, thanked residents for their "community-minded spirit" in looking out for neighbours and sharing updates.

He said: "The burst happened on one of our largest water mains.

"Thank you for your ongoing patience and we apologise for any disruption caused.

"If you or any member of your family have a medical condition, disability or have small children, sign up for our priority services register and in the event of a burst, we will hand deliver water to you.”