Call for action to curb traffic speeds on busy link route

December 22 2018
Call for action to curb traffic speeds on busy link route

A PETITION has been launched calling for a review of traffic calming measures in a busy road in linking Fishponds and Staple Hill.

Acacia Road links Staple Hill High Street with the Hillfields estate and is also used as a through route by drivers heading between Downend, Fishponds, Kingswood and beyond. It still has a 30mph limit, unlike many nearby roads which have had 20mph limits imposed.

Staple Hill ward councillors Ian Boulton and Shirley Potts are calling for South Gloucestershire Council to take action over speeding and have submitted an online petition to the authority, which is responsible for the road.

He said: “Shirley and I have long been aware of the problem with speeding vehicles in the Acacia Road area and we have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to get the council to come up with an effective traffic management scheme. 

“This has seemingly fallen on deaf ears and, after a series of road traffic accidents in recent months, we are now asking local residents to support our efforts by signing this petition. We hope that, with enough local support, the council will come up with a plan to implement and enforce traffic calming measures before we experience a tragedy at this accident blackspot.”

The council has no current plans for traffic management schemes on the road and a spokesperson said: “Our records show that there has been four reported injury accidents on the whole length of Acacia Road in the five year period to date. This is not an unusually high number for this type of busy road that has a number of junctions.”

The spokesperson said a temporary speed reminder sign had been installed on the road during September and October and had found the 30mph limit was adhered to.

He added: ““We will revisit Acacia Road with the speedvisor sign again in the New Year, and our road safety team will continue to monitor results and liaise with the Police camera enforcement team regarding enforcement as necessary.”

To sign the petition online, visit