Cannabis farm with plants 'worth £220,000' found in Fishponds

June 26 2020
Cannabis farm with plants 'worth £220,000' found in Fishponds

POLICE have raided a cannabis farm with more than 220 plants in Fishponds.

Officers say the haul is worth about £220,000 – around £1,000 per plant.

A man has been arrested in connection with the seizure, which happened at an undisclosed address in the area this morning.

An Avon and Somerset police spokesperson said the raid was carried out by officers from the force’s Operation Remedy team, “following information provided by members of the community”.

The arrested man was in police custody this evening, with the investigation “still ongoing”.

Acting Inspector Jennifer Appleford, from Operation Remedy, said: “We’re extremely pleased with this significant find which came as a direct result from information provided by the public.

Those responsible for producing these plants were not doing it as a hobby or for their own personal use, they’re organised criminals who we believe were exploiting vulnerable people to unscrupulously line their pockets.

This seizure is a significant blow to these criminals and has prevented a large amount of drugs from ending up on our streets and having a detrimental impact on our communities.”

Not only is there often a very human cost to organised cannabis grows such as this, but they also pose a very real risk. Abstracting electricity in the way done at this unit is not only illegal, it’s also extremely dangerous and can pose a significant fire hazard.

It’s thanks to the information provided to us by members of the community we were able to take the action we did. Please keep coming to us with information, it really does make a difference to disrupting organised crime, safeguarding vulnerable people and preventing the sale of illegal drugs in our communities.”

Picture: Avon and Somerset police