Charges planned at Vassals and Snuff Mills car parks, with new double yellow lines in nearby streets

December 01 2019
Charges planned at Vassals and Snuff Mills car parks, with new double yellow lines in nearby streets

THE city council has revived plans to charge motorists to park cars at Vassalls Park.

Double-yellow lines are planned for residential streets surrounding the edge of the park, to deter drivers visiting the park from avoiding the charges by parking nearby.

If the scheme goes ahead, drivers would pay £1 for up to one hour, £2 for up to two hours and £3 for up to five hours at the main Oldbury Court Estate car park, off Oldbury Court Road, and the Snuff Mills car park, off River View, every day between 9am and 6pm.

New double-yellow lines would be put down in: Bishop Monk Avenue, Brentnall Way, Crescent Road, Dodisham Walk, Frenchay Close, Frenchay Road, Glenside Close, Grange Drive, Long Close, Oatley Way, Pendock Road, Selbrooke Crescent, Sidelands Road, St. Matthias Road, The Thornhills, Warneford Road and Whittington Road.

Existing double-yellows could be extended in: College Road, Comyn Walk, Gill Avenue, Goffenton Drive, Little Hayes, Oldbury Court Drive, Oldbury Court Road, Perrymans Close, Ronayne Walk, Vassall Road and Willow Bed Close.

The council is also planning to introduce new double yellow lines on Deep Pit Road

A three-week consultation on the new charges and parking restrictions was unveiled on Wednesday – after the latest edition of the Fishponds Voice had gone to press – and will close on December 19, before the next edition is published.

Charges to use the Oldbury Court estate car park were proposed last year: at the time, residents told the Voice that if park users started to park in their streets it would leave them unable to park outside their own homes and make it difficult for emergency vehicles, delivery lorries and carers' cars to get to them.

The council says it is planning to improve cafe and play facilities and host events at Vassalls, and as a result there may be more visitors.

Stating its reasons for the charges and parking restrictions, the council said: "The introduction of pay and display parking charges in these car parks will formalise and improve existing parking arrangements, enabling improved enforcement. It will allow for a turnover of spaces, which cannot be guaranteed under the current arrangement. It will also enable the council to maintain and invest in its green spaces for current and future generations.

"To mitigate the effects of any potential indiscriminate parking that may take place on the highway as a result of parking charges being introduced in the estate car parks, the council proposes to make a traffic order, for additional waiting restrictions on various surrounding streets.

"The objective of this waiting restriction proposal is to deter parking in the vicinity of junctions, accesses, bends and narrow sections of road where the presence of parked vehicles could give rise to safety concerns, interfere with sightlines or obstruct the passage of traffic (including pedestrians)."

Details of the pans for charges and parking restrictions can be found here.

Anyone who wants to comment can email or write to P Mellor, Director: Management of Place, Highways Service (100TS), PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE.