Children produce their own newspaper to bring community the news from St Joe's

June 01 2021
Children produce their own newspaper to bring community the news from St Joe's

WHEN the last lockdown forced their school to shut, these determined pupils thought of a great way to keep in touch.

The Year 5 children from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Fishponds decided to start their own newspaper, and came up with ideas and designs.

Once they got back to school, staff helped them put the project into print, and St Joe's News & Views was born.

Already on to its second edition, the paper covers subjects from the climate crisis to computer games and sport.

It has a 'news tree' at the front to tell readers what is inside and includes puzzles, quizzes, debates with votes, and tips on how to draw characters and make origami models.

The children say they had the idea for the paper after playing a game where they pretended to interview people.

Inspired by children's publicationFirst News and newspapers they have at home, including the Fishponds Voice, they decided to turn their skills to producing a newspaper of their own.

School learning mentor Adeline Okpiyalele has been overseeing the project.

She said: "During the lockdown, when some children were paying computer games, we had our kids coming back telling us about the newspaper they were working on. Even their parents didn't know about it.

"We are very proud of their hard work and they have showcased their love for reading, writing and general knowledge about events happening around them, such as climate change."

The pupils even did some market research after parents suggested they sell the paper, and did a survey to come up with a price of 60p per copy, which is going towards school funds. It is on sale outside the school gate.

Year 5 teacher Kevin Conlon said the work the pupils had put in had been "incredible".

He said: "They are so enthusiastic and have continued their learning outside the classroom.

"It's an amazing standard of work."

Head teacher Jocelyn Baker said the children wanted to help the community come together after lockdown.

She said: "They were aware people were feeling isolated, without things to do, and they wanted to make a difference.

"We do report writing as a part of the curriculum but they took it way beyond – they are a very committed group.

"It makes us really proud that they have done this completely on their own initiative.

"They have worked together so brilliantly to produce it.

"It's important that the children are finding their own voice."

Picture: The Year 5 pupils behind St Joe's News & Views at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School