Clara reaches 100

August 03 2018
Clara reaches 100

WHEN Clara Kent was born the First World War was still raging, with Germany just days away from launching a major offensive against the allies on the Western Front.

Fast forward a century and Clara has now celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Clara spent July 10 at her home in Fishponds, welcoming the many visitors she received throughout the day - and showing off her special birthday card from the Queen.

Clara's daughter Heather Muncey said: "We had an open house during the day and mum had her family and friends around her. She had 40 greetings cards - not bad for a 100-year-old.  

"We decorated the house and garden and her cake had a dancing couple on top. Mum really enjoyed her day and is still benefiting from all the lovely fragrant flowers she received."

Clara Ruth Kent, formerly Armstrong and nee Liddell, was born in St George and moved to Fishponds before school age. 

She attended Chester Park school, leaving at age 14 to take up a hairdressing apprenticeship at a salon in Lodge Causeway. Her career as a hairdresser was to last until she retired at age 60.

During the Second World War, Clara was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service and married Bill Armstrong in 1947 after he was de-mobbed from Remy.  

The couple had two daughters, Heather in 1949, and seven years later, Pam, who died in 2013. 

Clara was widowed in 1971 and went on to re-marry Syd Kent in 1982. Syd, who had two daughters, Vivien and Christine, died in 2007.  

Clara attended St John’s Church in Lodge Causeway where she was christened and married. She also worked as a volunteer with Cossham League of Friends for more than 60 years.  

The treasured centenarian is part of a family who all love dancing, which has been her main hobby and how she met her second husband Syd.  

Heather said: "They only stopped dancing when she was 89 and he was 93!"  

Among Clara's other hobbies are cross-stitch and decorating eggs, of which she has a large collection.

Clara has three grandchildren, Katie, Matthew and Lucy and four great-grandchildren and remarkably still lives at her home in Lodge Causeway.