Dilan Kaygisiz

August 31 2018
Dilan Kaygisiz

Dilan Kaygisiz is looking forward to a potential career in science after excelling in her GCSEs.

The Bristol Met student’s impressive results included 9s in biology and chemistry, 8s in physics and maths, 7s in drama and German, 6s in English language and literature and a C in further maths - one of the few exams to retain the old grading system.

Having already achieved A* grades last year for two GCSEs, in Turkish and religious studies, Dilan is well placed to judge the difference between the new and old GCSEs.

She said: “It was definitely different. There was more pressure on the exams.”

The 16-year-old, from Fishponds, is now going to study A-levels in biology, chemistry and maths at Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

She is planning to go to university and is considering a number of options for future study, from neurology to human sciences, adding: “I want to help people in any way I can.”

Dilan speaks English as a second language, having moved to the UK at the age of eight. And it was the English papers which worried her most going into the exams, although her grades of 6 for language and literature are equivalent to Bs under the old system.  

“With English it has been an extra challenge; everything else was completely fine. It’s one thing having to learn English, another to study literature and analyse it in English.”