Drama on and off the stage for group

August 03 2018
Drama on and off the stage for group

A POP-UP theatre group had a successful run of Romeo and Juliet in Eastville Park in spite of twice being targeted by thieves.

The performances by Insane Root took place in the atmospheric setting of the old swimming pool and were helped by the excellent weather.

The first setback came in mid July when two youths broke into the pool, damaged the set, stole various items and smashed the lighting rig.

They also tried to get into the contained housing the pop-up bar on the site but they were spotted by a passer-by, who took these photographs.

Later in the month, the show's producer Justin challenged two youths who looked like those in the photographs as they again tried to get into the pool area. They ran off ,  returned half an hour later then fled again.

If you have any information about either incident, please contact info@insaneroot.co.uk