Drivers told to expect delays at busy junction

August 03 2018
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DRIVERS are being warned to expect delays at a busy junction where temporary traffic lights have been installed.

The lights are due to stay in place at the Broom Hill mini-roundabout for the whole of the school summer holidays, as work is carried out to build a “traffic free, two way segregated walking and cycling route”.

Bristol City Council says the work at the junction of Park Road, Frenchay Park Road and Broom Hill is being carried out during the holidays to minimise the impact on traffic. 

It is expected to finish on September 3, the start of the new academic year for most schools.  The work is part of the plan to create the Frome Greenway cycle route, to connect the Frome Valley with Stoke Park, Frenchay and areas further north.

 An off-road section towards Fishponds via the UWE Glenside Campus is also in the pipeline.It is part of a series of walking and cycling infrastructure projects, costing £19 million and using a combination of grants from the government’s Cycle Ambition Fund and money from Bristol, South Gloucestershire and B&NES councils. 

But the plan has not gone down well with some residents in the area, with complaints being made that the scheme will lead to the narrowing of roads to make way for the cycle path. Writing on the Stoke Lane Action Group public Facebook page, Kim Cleave said: “How on earth is it going to be safer, by narrowing the road? Sorry, but it looked more dangerous to me!”

Announcing the road works, the city council said the Broom Hill scheme was “part of ongoing work to create a new traffic free, two way segregated walking and cycling route for the area”.

A spokesman added: “This work has been planned to take place during the summer holidays to minimise any impact.  However, this is a busy route so some delays are expected and drivers are advised to plan ahead to avoid disruption.”

The project includes:

New ‘parallel crossings’, with segregated pedestrian and cyclist sections on Frenchay Park Road, to connect to Stoke Park, and Broom Hill, by Frome Terrace. 

Footpath widening - and road narrowing - on Broom Hill to provide a shared and segregated pedestrian/cyclist area

New rush hour waiting restrictions on Broom Hill 

A ‘raised table’, where the road surface is higher, at the River View junction in Broom Hill to help pedestrians and cyclists cross

New boarding platforms at bus stops, with stops repositioned near Frome Bridge

Repositioning of the traffic island at the Wickham Hill junction of Broom Hill