Fishponds Voice Features

November 03 2017

Death of a Giant: 60 years since Britannia air crash

DISASTER struck at Downend shortly before noon on November 6 1957 when a Bristol Britannia aircraft crashed into a wooded area off Overndale Road, killing all 15 people on board. .. Read More

October 06 2017

Splash of Soul - how music of northern clubs captures hearts in east Bristol

IT'S three o'clock on Sunday afternoon and the dance floor is starting to fill. The beat is unmistakable, or at least it is for people in the know. Because this is northern soul - and it's alive and kicking in the middle of Speedwell... Read More

March 03 2017

Rich rewards if you follow the plot

City Gardener columnist Tim Barton offers readers a glimpse of life at Thingwall Park Allotments and says renting a plot can be both rewarding and cost effective, with plenty of support on offer from fellow allotmenteers .. Read More

June 05 2016

I started chemo on day of husband's funeral

JENNY was a busy woman. She had a husband, two sons and a high profile job as HR manager for Avon and Wiltshire NHS Mental Heath Trust and, frankly, there were not enough hours in the day to attend a routine mammogram... Read More

June 05 2016

Even the Queen knows about my light bulbs, says collector Dave

MOST young males in the 1970s spent their spare time playing with Action Man, riding their Chopper bikes or playing Subbuteo... Read More

May 10 2016

The City Gardener - By Tim Barton

The City Gardener - By Tim Barton.. Read More

May 10 2016

Planning Matters

This month Chris looks at Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas and the new buzzwords surrounding these hot topics.. Read More

May 10 2016

Medicinal plants in the Frome Valley

From mid-April this year, the buds of elderflowers have appeared on the elder shrubs and trees dotted along the riverbanks and in nearby parks. Elderflowers are still widely used to make a cordial or wine, but the elder is perhaps less well known for its medicinal properties. .. Read More

May 10 2016

Exploring arts options in our community

Meet artist Anna Blightman, our new columnist and curator at the Kingfisher Cafe. Anna has been exploring Fishponds’ cultural heart since she arrived here last summer and finds out it’s beating very nicely indeed..... Read More

May 10 2016

The history that’s lying underneath our feet

WHERE might you find the best preserved Victorian coal mine in the UK? Not, it seems, in South Wales or Yorkshire but on our doorstep in South Gloucestershire... Read More