Frenchay Pre-School staff and children praised by Ofsted

August 03 2019
Frenchay Pre-School staff and children praised by Ofsted

AN inspector has praised a pre-school's happy, well-behaved children and supportive staff.

Ofsted visited Frenchay Pre-school, based at the village hall in Beckspool Road, in June and its report has now been published.

The regulator rates pre-schools in four areas: leadership and management, teaching and learning quality, outcomes for children and their development, behaviour and welfare.

Frenchay Pre-school, which has been running at the hall since the 1970s, was rated good in all four areas, and good overall.

Director Lucy Foley and manager Claire Frost run the pre-school at the head of a team of 14 full and part-time staff. During Claire's past 10 years at the pre-school it has consistently been given a good rating by Ofsted.

Inspector Kelly Sunderland said Claire had a good overview of the setting, supported staff well and identified area where improvements could be made.

She said that overall, children were well-supported, safeguarded and monitored, and were "happy and settled", developing close bonds with staff, who also developed strong partnerships with parents.

The inspector said: "Children are polite and behave well. They are developing good social skills and children are forming strong bonds with others.

"Staff support children well to share and take turns, and calmly explain the rules of the pre-school.

"Staff promote children's health and well-being well."

The inspector said children had plenty of opportunities to be physically active outdoors, developed good physical skills and hand-to-eye coordination, and were given plenty of opportunities to be creative.

She said: "Children are developing the key skills needed for the next stage of their learning and their eventual move to school."

The pre-school has 42 children aged from two to four on its roll and takes up to 30 every day. There is also a holiday club catering for up to 30 youngsters a day from a roll of 150, including older children.

Lucy said a lot of families brought their children to the pre-school or holiday club after recommendations from other parents.

She said: "I'm really pleased at how positive the inspector was about Claire and the whole staff.

"They also noticed that we work closely with parents and the good transitions into school.

"It's important for them to see that the children are settled and happy: that's the main thing.

"It's a really happy place to work and it's a strong team: everyone gets on incredibly well and we have a low staff turnover, and that says it all really."