Have your say now on Royate Hill viaduct traffic campaign

October 02 2019
Have your say now on Royate Hill viaduct traffic campaign

RESIDENTS and road users fed up with problems at the Royate Hill viaduct are being urged to make their voices heard before it is too late.

Campaigners who want the city council to review the chicane, which restricts traffic passing through the viaduct to one direction at a time, launched a petition last year.

If the online petition on the council website reaches 3,500 signatures it will force councillors to debate the issue at a meeting.

But with the petition closing on October 31, just over 600 people so far have added their names.

This is despite a reported increase in congestion and road rage at the chicane, which is used by thousands of drivers a day passing between Eastville and Whitehall.

But resident Martyn Cordey, who set up the petition, says every extra signature makes action, which is supported by both Eastville ward councillors, more likely.

He said: "There has been a marked increase recently in congestion, angry exchanges between frustrated motorists, blocking of the chicane and the sounding of horns.

"Prior to the chicane, there were very few problems over the many decades that the viaduct had been in existence, and traffic was able to pass through both ways with relative ease."

Martyn says there are several options which could offer a solution, including the western footpath being diverted around the viaduct arch, the removal of the chicane and priority right of way, installation of a yellow box to minimise obstruction of the road, a pedestrian refuge 50m south of the viaduct and/or a 20mph limit along Royate Hill and Gordon Road.

He said: "The proposals that we have put forward would be a significant improvement to the current arrangement and would present benefits to road users, pedestrians and the local environment.

"We understand that even if the number of signatures fails to trigger a debate at full council, it can be debated at other scrutiny meetings, and the more signatures we can get, the greater likelihood that our campaign will gain attention and our proposals be considered.

"We have until the 31st to get as many signatures as possible, so please sign and share the ePetition widely, to try to bring about an improvement in at least one area of our often-choked city."

The petition can be found here and there is a Facebook group with more information.