How to have your say on new Eastville Park play equipment

October 02 2020
How to have your say on new Eastville Park play equipment

CHILDREN and parents are being urged to say what new equipment they would like to see built in the play area at Eastville Park.

Around £130,000 is available to spend on anything from climbing frames and walls to trim trails, outdoor fitness equipment or new swings.

The money includes community infrastructure levy money paid by developers, and donations from the organisers of the Love Saves The Day and Tokyo World festivals.

A survey has been launched by the Friends of Eastville Park to find out what families would like to see, with parents encouraged to ask their children before sending in a reply.

Friends group chair Sarah West says they particularly want feedback from children aged between eight and 16, many of whom are having to go to Oldbury Court because there is nothing to challenge them at Eastville.

New equipment could be installed in two places – at the site of the existing swings, and on the grass area between the existing play area and the multi-use games area.


A rope walk, climbing wall, zip wire and rope climbing frame are among the possible options for Eastville Park

The recently-installed climbing frame and slide, and the equipment in the sand pit, would not be changed.

Sarah said the new equipment should "make it challenging for older kids but also accessible for kids who have varying degrees of disability".

She said: "The Eastville play park doesn’t have much challenge for older kids aged 8-16.

"The MUGA is great for ball games and now we need more in the play park – perhaps to provide risky play (big climbing frames), fitness challenges or the kind of fun that can be had on the zip line at Oldbury Court.

"We still have £108,000 in the council account from the CIL fund awarded last year, plus festival donations – we just need to know how to spend it!

"We need to gather feedback from children in the 8-16 age group to tell companies what to design. Companies can then submit their design to the council, and the one that meets the most requirements for the budget will be built.

"If you have children aged 8-16, please push this article towards them and try to get some sort of response. A finger point, grunt, or if you’re really lucky, a conversation about what they would like to see built at the park.

"Then head online and enter the feedback to the handy survey link below.

"It’s three questions and should only take five minutes of your time.

"It will mean that we can finally spend the money, and in return give you at least five minutes peace to drink a cup of tea before more snack requests. If you don’t want them to have all the fun, choose what you want!"

To fill in the survey, click on this link.