Inspector praises Happy Dayz

January 29 2019

A PRE-school’s “committed and enthusiastic” staff have been praised by the education watchdog.

An Ofsted inspector who visited Happy Dayz Pre-school in Moorlands Road in December said staff had a “warm and caring rapport” with the two, three and four-year-olds in their care.

Ofsted rates pre-schools in four areas: leadership and management; teaching and learning quality; children’s development, behaviour and welfare; outcomes for children. Happy Dayz, which has 45 children on its roll and is based at the Harry Crook Centre, is rated good in all four areas.

Ofsted inspector Jan Harvey said: “The committed and enthusiastic staff have considerable understanding of each child, which helps to fully promote children's learning and care.

“Staff are skilled in assessing children's progress and identifying gaps in their learning.

“They review specific plans for individuals and groups of children thoughtfully to ensure all children make good progress. Staff have well-established partnerships with external professionals so children receive the support they need.

“Staff build strong, trusting relationships with parents. Regular two-way communication to discuss children's progress, and a library of activities and books to borrow, help parents support learning at home.

“Staff help children understand how people and families differ. For instance, they offer a wide range of resources and activities to children that reflect the diversity of people and their lives. This helps children learn to respect different views and cultures.

“Children are confident, enthusiastic and motivated."

The inspector said the pre-school could improve further by increasing opportunities for children to develop early writing skills and challenging the most able youngsters to think through their ideas.

Pre-school owner Vanessa Carter said the inspector had captured the essence of the pre-school.

She said: “A lot of our children come from areas of deprivation and have special educational needs – it was very important to us that the report reflected how hard we work, and the investment in training and knowledge, to make sure children have got the best outcomes.

“Our pre-school is very diverse and the inspector noted how British values are encouraged in the setting, with all the children respecting each other.

“The inspector attended a busy, bustling day when we had our nativity and the girls did what they would do on any other day.

“She had time to talk with our parents, who said glowing things about us."

“She was really pleased to come to a setting that was so welcoming: she said the staff were amazing and we do a really good job.”

Vanessa said the improvements recommended in the report were “easily achievable” and the pre-school would push to achieve them.

She added: “The parents are really pleased and so are we.”







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