Kingswood WI is set to close

December 22 2018

KINGSWOOD WI is set to close after 29 years - because no one wants to take charge.

The organisation will meet to dissolve its constitution in the New Year after members failed to step up to the roles of president and treasurer.

President June Thorn, 68, said: "We've still got a good membership but unfortunately we're unable to find a president and treasurer.

"Our current treasurer Pat Bean has done the job for the last 29 years and she's in her early 80s. The founding members have all done their bit over the years.

"I took on the role of president two years ago rather than see the WI close and the same happened again last year so I did a further year.

"Back in August I said I wasn't prepared to do another year and no one came forward. Since then nothing has changed so unfortunately, despite having a membership of about 50, we're having to dissolve. On January 10th Kingswood WI will cease."

Any monies which are left in the coffers will be held for two years for any future group.

June, who has served five years as president, said she was keeping her fingers crossed. It would need a president, treasurer and secretary, as well as a committee of about eight, to come forward at the meeting if the WI is to continue.

If anyone would like to form a new version of Kingswood WI, they should contact WI House in Keynsham on 0117 986 4782 for advice and support.