Landlord must pay £6,000

January 29 2019

THE landlord of a rented home in Eastville has been ordered to pay more than £6,000 for failing to license his property.

Bristol City Council says it took enforcement action against John Elwes after he repeatedly refused to pay the fee required to rent the property in Herbert Crescent and was prosecuted.

The council’s Private Housing team has a range of enforcement powers and can seek fines of up to £30,000 against landlords who fail to comply with rules governing private rented housing in Eastville and St George. All landlords wanting to rent out properties in those areas need to apply for a property licence.

Mr Elwes appealed to a tribunal over the action but his case was thrown out on the grounds that there was no reasonable prospect of success.

The council made a claim for its costs incurred in defending the appeal and the tribunal ruled that Mr Elwes should pay the costs of £2,387 as well as the initial penalty of £2,954.

The council’s cabinet member for housing, Paul Smith, said: “Mr Elwes has repeatedly neglected to engage with the council and ensure he had the correct licence for his property.

“Officers from the Private Housing Team are actively looking for properties that are not licensed, and landlords that ignore their responsibilities will be investigated and may be brought before the courts and prosecuted or be subject to financial penalties.

“Mr Elwes didn’t engage with us and now has to pay almost double the penalty originally applied."

For more information about how to get a property licensed, visit online or email