Letters February 2018

February 01 2018

Thanks to fellow litter pickers

Thanks to fellow litter pickers


FOR the last year or so I have frequently picked up the litter I see in our local parks and green spaces. I've never found a shortage of litter to pick. I do this because these places are what our some of our local wildlife calls home. I see signs that animals are living and feeding in our parks and I think of the risk this rubbish poses to them. I also think that if people threw crisp packets and tins and plastic bags of dog poo into my home that wouldn't be very nice.

The point of this letter is to say that I've noticed that I'm not the only person doing this. I spot a bit of litter that needs picking and I come back a couple of days later to pick it and it's gone. Which is great.

It may be that what we are doing is just a tiny drop in an ocean of waste but I suppose that we feel that it's better to be part of the solution than part of the problem. So to my unknown fellow waste pickers I say a really big thank you.

If anyone feels that they want to take part in an organised litter pick then from March 2-11 there is a national "Spring Clean" being organised by our local waste managers, Keep Britain Tidy and our neighbourhood and community teams. Look out for details.

Neil Blessitt