Letters November 2018

November 02 2018

More community police officers needed


AS A Fishponds resident I was interested to read in the Fishponds Voice a PCSO officer highlighting anti-social behaviour by neighbours. As a victim of anti-social behaviour I would like to see more community police officers from Fishponds police station helping and getting involved.

It is okay to write about it but they need to listen more to the victims and act to stamp out anti-social behaviour in the community.


Mrs Patricia Adams



'Safe' left turns are the solution for Hockeys Lane


AFTER reading the article in Fishponds Voice regarding the left turn into Hockeys Lane, it seems councillor Mhairi Threlfall and some self-imposed action group have taken it upon themselves to now try and change the phasing of the traffic lights or fine drivers on the said junction, with little or nor regard for drivers' rights.

I know Bristol City Council and the Labour Party are car haters but the reality is, you need them.

As a tax-paying resident of the area, I one hundred per cent disagree with the solution put forward and object to the proposed changes.

This argument has been going on for years. A solution was proposed on the council's own website in 2013 (https://fixmystreet.bristol.gov.uk/report/324974) but was ignored by the council.

The solution? To resequence the lights to allow 'safe' left turns and allow 'on demand' pedestrian crossing.

I support this and request it is tabled at any future meetings regarding Hockeys Lane.

 It is the most cost effective solution to this issue.


A Fishponds resident