Lettes May 2017

May 08 2017

Couldn't some 48A buses be diverted? Might I make a suggestion on the withdrawal of the buses serving the Hillfields est

Couldn't some 48A buses be diverted?

Might I make a suggestion on the withdrawal of the buses serving the Hillfields estate?

The 48A service runs every ten minutes and generally provides a good service, perhaps too good in that the portion of the route, UWE to Fishponds Road, it is underused. There are very few passengers, often one or none on this part of the route and it is not unknown for two or even three 48A buses to be in close procession.

First Bus said the idea of the 48A was to cover gaps left by a less frequent service of the 48 and 49 buses on Fishponds Road, to and from town. Apparently the 48 and 49 were unable to keep time due to traffic; personally I felt they wanted to knock out the Wessex 13 service, which they did. (The original intention of the 13 was to link town to St Matthias College, Glenside and UWE Frenchay Campus for students. St Matthias has since closed thereby diminishing the traffic for the 48A).

My suggestion is that each alternate 48A is renumbered 49A and run to the Hillfields estate. The frequency of buses on the Fishponds Road and Stapleton Road would remain unaltered and few would be inconvenienced by lesser number of 48A on the UWE/Fishponds Road part but Hillfields would get a bus service.

A further suggestion is to reroute at Old Market, the current 48A (and 49A if my suggestion is taken up), from terminating at Rupert Street to terminate at Temple Meads station or the bottom of the Incline. This would provide a direct service from Fishponds and surrounds, something the area hasn’t enjoyed for nearly fifty years, since the demise of the old No.11 service.


Trevor Pott



Number 17 bus is our lifeline

I WOULD like to ask what is the matter with the bus company taking off the number 17 again? First says that it is not cost effective as not many people use it, but I beg to differ, as someone who uses this service (Kingswood-Southmead) on average three times a week. There are between 10-12 passengers most times and sometimes we have had to stand. It is not helped when getting on the bus with passes to be told the machine is not working, which happens regularly.

This bus is our lifeline in Hillfields as without it we cannot access the Fishponds supermarkets, doctors or Southmead and Cossham hospitals. If the bus company wants to save money they should take off the 48A which seems to run every 5-10 minutes. 

V Hodder

Hillfields resident


So many vans blocking view

Thank you for the picture of the 100 Fishponds Road memorial, in the March edition.

Here is  a recent photo (above) and as you can see, this is not a true picture of what it looks like now. 

Lots of Eco vans blocking the view of the cemetery, which are parked in Greenbank View.

Your picture must have been taken a long time ago, as we have had this little Eco village of vans, for almost a year.

Mrs L Bidwell



Well done to the NoMacinF campaign


I WOULD like to thank the local group who campaigned against the massive McDonald's drive-thru. 

Having witnessed some of the hearing, they did hold their own and came up against some aggressive cross-examing. 

It was a lot of work, and it really was 'David vs Goliath' but for community spirit, the campaign group really did go the distance. 


Brian Wheeler