Liam & Kyle Rosslee

August 31 2018
Liam & Kyle Rosslee

Twins Liam and Kyle Rosslee thought studying for GCSEs would be the only stress they would face this summer.

But they also had to deal with the deaths of their grandfather and their family dog during the exams.

It made it a very tough summer for the 16-year-olds, from Fishponds - but the brothers prevailed and achieved the grades they needed to go on to college.

Kyle and Liam have both chosen vocational courses at SGS College in Filton but still needed to achieve a grade 4 in maths and English.   

Liam said: “These GCSEs have been extremely difficult for us, not just with the exams but our granddad died and our dog’s been put down during the exams. It has not been good.

“I rang my mum this morning to give her the news and there were tears of joy, what with everything we’ve been through.”

Liam is now heading to SGS College in Filton to study for a Level 1 Diploma in carpentry, while Kyle will study plumbing at the same college.      

Liam said: “I’ve got to pay £450 because the government don’t cover materials but I see it as an investment.

“I didn’t feel I wanted to spend several years at uni - I always wanted to get my hands dirty, to get in to college and learn a trade.”

Kyle said it had been “tough” working for the new-style GCSEs while also being in mourning.

He said: “Our year were the guinea pigs. Some of the stuff that came up wasn’t stuff we learned.

“The exams were OK. Even though I didn’t get the best grades, I’ve got a few passes.”