Library hosts display of Fishponds Academy art

July 23 2019
Library hosts display of Fishponds Academy art

CREATIVE youngsters at Fishponds Academy had the idea place to show off their artwork – the Old Library.

The school took over the former library in Fishponds Road in 2014 and set about revamping it as a community space for hire as well as for various school activities.

The space proved ideal when it recently hosted an art exhibition celebrating a wide range of creative projects produced by all 420 pupils at the school.

The pieces, ranging from drawings to models, were a culmination of the techniques and skills developed throughout the school year and were inspired by the different topics children have been learning about. 

The work included colourful murals by Year 6 children about to embark on their journey to secondary school and these will be placed outside the school for members of the public to enjoy.

Art and music specialist teacher Sally Adams said: “The children have produced pieces both individually and as groups, they’ve had the opportunity to sketch, paint, make models and work with a variety of materials. 

We’re very fortunate as a school to be able to use the Old Fishponds Library both as an exhibition and performance space, as it meant we were able to display the children’s work as though it were in a professional gallery. This provided a fantastic experience for the children, both as artists themselves and spectators and appreciators of the work of others. Parents and carers were invited to view the exhibition after school and it was lovely to see the children proudly showing off all their hard work.” 

Some of the artwork is on display at Fishponds Library at Robinson's House, as well as in City Hall, during the school holidays.