Lights, cameras, action at Eastville Park

October 31 2019

News from the Friends of Eastville Park

NONE of us ever imagined that the BBC Gardener’s World programme from our Community Garden project in the park would be quite as successful as it turned out to be, especially after apocalyptic weather forecasts meant the decision to postpone filming was made late in the afternoon of the day before!

As it turned out, the predicted thunder and lightning didn’t materialise and, come morning, we were all desperately hoping that they’d made the right decision to delay by 24 hours. However, the delay did give someone the opportunity to break in overnight and take away almost half of the plants that had been stored ready for planting.

As luck would have it, the following day started out bright and we were able to get through without a drop of rain so everyone was happy. Of course, the experience wasn’t without its ‘moments’ as presenters and contributors alike fluffed their lines, miscued and made their entry for a third or fourth ‘take’, but it was all done with great humour and the production team were just so professional and gentle with us – they’re very good at what they do!

The wonderful contributions from the ParkWork team and the children from Glenfrome School along with the cameos from our regular volunteers and artists gave a fantastic insight to the project and was a great example of what we can do when we all get together with a determination to get things done.

The programme is available on iPlayer if you’d like to see it – Episode 31.

The garden has had a chance to recover from all the activity and is looking lovely. We’ll be sowing more grass seed over the next couple of days and can’t wait for spring when we look forward to welcoming visitors to this space that we see growing into a really special local hub. Over winter, we will continue with our work to brighten up the Nissen Hut. Still a long way to go but we’re making good progress. We really appreciate all the support we have had.

From one success to another! The Friends of Eastville Park 2019 Calendar is now on sale. £5 each, all proceeds to park funds.

If you already have a calendar on your wall, you’ll want to make a note of our biggest and most popular event of the year! Santa’s Grotto. Sunday December 8. Preparations are under way for our biggest and best grotto, which this year is moving to the Old Bowling Green at the top of the park. Our theme is celebrating the park wildlife with a fascinating interactive journey that we’re calling A wildlife winter wonderland. Our very popular Quiet Sessions for children and others who struggle with noise and crowds is only bookable in advance so please

get in touch soon to reserve a place. For more details please visit us on Facebook or email:

The future of the Bowling Club at Eastville Park is still uncertain but we hope to have some news soon. Above all, to survive at all, we need to attract many more local folk to the game. On Wednesday November 6 at 7pm, we invite you all to come along to the Nissen Hut and join in the discussion. It will be a great opportunity to help save a century of history here in the park and at the same time introduce some modern ideas.

Some visitors will have witnessed the flooding after heavy rainfall. This year was quite spectacular with the river overflowing on to the pathways and into the lake and there are some remarkable photographs on our group Facebook page that show just how wild the river can be when this happens. Things calmed down after a few days and this week we saw the return of a colony of cormorant feeding on the fish in the lake. Four hundred native saplings will be planted in the park at the end of the month as part of the tree planting challenge. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch. There has been a slight delay to the works for the Electric Vehicle Charging Hub and toilets. We now expect completion end of November.

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