Listen to residents over Royate Hill chicane, campaigner tells councillors

January 03 2020
Listen to residents over Royate Hill chicane, campaigner tells councillors

CAMPAIGNERS who want to remove the chicane at the Royate Hill viaduct have made their case direct to city councillors.

More than 700 people signed a petition calling on the council to review the traffic calming measure, which they say was introduced with no consultation and has caused increased congestion, pollution, noise and road rage, as motorists are no longer able to pass under the viaduct in both directions at once.

Although the final total of 709 signatures was below the level which automatically requires the council to debate an issue, the campaigners were allowed to state their case at a council meeting on December 17.

Resident Martyn Cordey, who organised the petition, told councillors that the previous road layout had existed for decades without problems before the pavement was widened, making road traffic one-way.

The petition proposes that the footpath on one side of the road is diverted around the viaduct arch, that the chicane is removed along with the priority for right of way for traffic coming from Fishponds Road, that a pedestrian refuge is installed to help people cross south of the viaduct and a 20 mph limit in introduced along the length of Royate Hill and Gordon Road.

Martyn told the council: "Officers met earlier in the year to discuss – campaigners were not invited – and only considered four options. The option of re-routing pavements was not even mentioned.

"Re-routing of pavements would be safer for pedestrians, safer for road users, safer for the local environment. Win, win, win!

"Current problems were created by a decision made with lack of foresight or consultation with the public.
"Please have a conversation, and work, with local campaigners to help make improvements.

"Traffic flow on Royate Hill? Oh come on…let there be freedom of movement!"

The campaigners were supported at the meeting by Eastville ward councillor Mhairi Threlfall.