Man banned from entering park

November 02 2018

A MAN has been banned from a Bristol park after causing "significant alarm" to members of the public.

Khalid Nur, 21, of Lawrence Hill, will be committing a criminal offence if he enters Castle Park in the next two years.

Nur, of Lawrence Hill, was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order order by Bristol magistrates after admitting using threatening behaviour with intent to cause fear and provoke violence during a disturbance in the park, which took place at around 7.30am on July 20.

It followed a number of calls made to police by members of the public the night before, who were concerned about a group of young people engaged in anti-social behaviour in the park.

Inspector Martin Rowland, Bristol city centre neighbourhood manager, said: "Castle Park has been, and remains, a popular city centre location and is still overwhelmingly a safe and positive space for all.

"However, there are a small minority of people that do use the park for illegal activity.

"Khalid Nur’s actions caused significant alarm among other members of the public, who called us for assistance.

"No one should feel intimidated by the actions of other people and we will use whatever powers we have at our disposal to ensure public areas such as Castle Park remain a pleasant place for everyone."