Mayor Marvin congratulates young people

August 31 2018

MORE than 3000 students took GCSE exams in Bristol this year. Provisional results for Bristol show that 61.8 per cent of pupils reached grade 9 - 4, an improvement on last year's 59 per cent.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “With so much change in the exam system this year our students have had to overcome many trials to succeed and I wish them all the best with whatever they plan to do next. We want to see everyone able to succeed in Bristol so I’d encourage young people to talks to friends, family and teachers about what they want to do next. To those who are disappointed with their results I’d say don’t give up - you can still do well in the future.”

Jon Angell, chair of the secondary heads association and principal at City Academy, said Early indications are that schools have maintained or improved from last year given the huge changes to the exam system this year, this is a credit to the teachers, the schools and the students.”