McD junction concerns

March 05 2019

BRISTOL City Council says it is considering placing box junctions at the entrance new McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant.

The development on Fishponds Road was given permission only after an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, following the city council’s refusal to give it the go-ahead.
After reports that right turns into Drummond Road for traffic heading away from the city centre might be banned, the council has said this will not be the case.
The entrance to Drummond Road, which is also the access road for residents of Midland Terrace and Dunkirk Road, is opposite the entrance to the new McDonald’s. The council says it is considering placing box junctions – painted yellow areas which traffic is banned from stopping in – at the site, to help make it easier for motorists turning in and out of Drummond Road to see.
But residents have raised concerns that using the junction will become an “accident waiting to happen” and the council concedes that it has its own concerns over safety raised when it objected to the appeal. Drivers are only supposed to enter a box junction when the exit is already clear, to prevent queuing vehicles from blocking traffic passing in another direction.
A council spokesman said: “Turning right into Drummond Road will remain possible post-development. However the increased traffic flow using the drive-through restaurant in close proximity was a safety concern that the council highlighted in the planning application objection and in video and written evidence given to the public inquiry.In view of this, yellow box markings are being considered at the junction to create better sight lines in congested conditions for vehicles turning into and out of Drummond Road.”