Montessori nursery opens in Fishponds

January 31 2017

A MONTESSORI nursery school has opened in Fishponds - the first of its kind in the east of the city.


A  MONTESSORI nursery school has opened in Fishponds - the first of its kind in the east of the city.

Rozey Days Montessori School, based on Lodge Causeway,  in a newly-renovated Victorian house. It has been launched by  Downed-based mother of two Rozey Din.  Five years ago Rozey was unable to find childcare  that she felt met her son’s needs. She said: “Having visited a number of nursery environments I was dismayed with the uniformity, adult-led approach and lack of creativity that was offered, so I decided to  be the alternative.”

She juggled her studies for her diploma, with practising as a Montessori childminder, offering child-led care. 

Rozey Days Montessori School  offers  year-round child care for children aged from two to five. The school has a large indoor and outdoor space with a full range of high quality Montessori materials. In line with the Montessori way, the children will serve their own meals and prepare snacks. They do everything independently and everything is at child height. "All design features have been made with children's’ every need in mind," said Rozey.

The Montessori educational approach was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, and essentially puts children in charge of their learning. There is no teacher standing at the front, no fixed desks or weekly tests to pass. Children learn at their own individual pace and in mixed age groupings, much as they would at home. 

Rozey said: “I could not believe that there are only two Montessori nursery schools in Bristol - and both have huge waiting lists. Interest in our 45-place nursery school has been strong from the moment we announced our plans last year. I think this is testament to the fact that parents in Bristol want an alternative, more holistic, approach to education for their children”. 

Rozey  added:  “The recent opening of Bristol’s second Steiner school and its immense popularity shows that families are seeking out education methods which differ from the mainstream. How does Montessori do this? We debunk the myths that children need to be 'taught'. 

"Children learn at a pace that suits them and the teachers’ roles are more about facilitating their learning. This is done by careful observations, from which a teacher can create individualised learning paths that tailor to every unique child’s individual needs."

One of the first parents to opt for  Rozey Days is Hannah King, for her daughter Ruby.

 She said: “I have chosen Rozey Days Montessori School for my daughter’s early education because I know that she will have the opportunity to learn in a way that fosters her independence and interests under the guidance of caring and skilled teachers.

"The Montessori approach is committed to providing children with a beautiful learning environment that is carefully designed with every aspect of a child’s development in mind, and I have no doubt that my daughter will flourish in this setting."

Rozey’s vision is to establish Bristol’s first Montessori primary school. She said, “It definitely something that I would love to be a part of in the future.”