More memories of the Great Flood

August 31 2018

A STORY in last month's Fishponds Voice about the Great Flood of 1968 has prompted more photographs of the extraordinary scenes in the area.

Reader John Freeman, whose photo of a flooded Stapleton Road featured in our story, was encouraged by the article to send in a further two images.

He said: "I was pleased to see that you had used my photo of the bus taken at the corner of Averay Road/Stapleton Road. I thought you might like two other photos taken at the same time. One is looking down Glenfrome Road by Bridge Farm and the other is again by Averay Road with the poor chap trying to cycle through."

The Great Flood was so named after around two months’ worth of rainfall fell in less than two days during July 1968.

It caused widespread flooding and destruction as water spilled out from the river banks.

Parts of Stapleton, Bedminster, Ashton, Brislington and St George were badly affected and rescue boats had to be deployed. 

There were a total of eight fatalities including a man who was swept to his death in flood water at Parson Street in Bedminster.