Motorists fined for using bus-only bridge

October 04 2018
Motorists fined for using bus-only bridge

More than 9,000 motorists were fined for using the bus-only bridge over the M32 in the first 100 days after it opened.

Figures released following a Freedom of Information request showed cars had been caught by the 24-hour CCTV on the bridge 9,458 times following the launch of MetroBus services - an average of almost 95 per day.

Most of the drivers are understood to have driven over the bridge, right, after leaving the northbound M32 on the bus-only exit at Stoke Park, although the southbound exit on to the motorway is also monitored by a camera.

The bridge enables Metrobus m3 services between Lyde Green and the city centre to cross the motorway on the way to or from UWE’s Frenchay campus.

To stop drivers of other vehicles using the bridge as a short cut between the motorway and Frenchay, non-Metrobus traffic is banned and vehicle owners recorded on Bristol City Council’s cameras are issued with a £60 fine, which reduces to £30 if paid within 14 days.   

According to the FoI figures, in the first three months of Metrobus, 6,000 drivers had paid a total of £186,845 to the council, with the vast majority paying quickly to avoid the bigger fine.

A city council spokesperson said: “The bridge and the surrounding roads leading up to it have been clearly marked as a bus-only route since it was created and it remains a crucial element of the metrobus route, helping it to be quicker and more reliable than other bus services. 

“Twenty-four-hour CCTV is in place along the bridge and we will issue penalty notices for up to £60 to anyone caught using this route without permission. 

“If someone feels they have been fined incorrectly they can always appeal the decision by following the instructions on the back of their notice.”