New Eastville Park toilets will open next year

September 14 2019
New Eastville Park toilets will open next year

NEW public toilets for Eastville Park will not open until next year.

The new conveniences will replace the loos which shut in January last year as part of a council closure programme aimed at saving £440,000 a year.

New toilets are being built as part of a scheme to build a charging point for electric vehicles.

But park users will have to wait until April next year for the new public loos to open, it was announced this week.

The latest call for toilets to be restored was made at a council meeting by resident Judith Brown, who asked mayor Marvin Rees whether the council would be “re-opening the toilets in our parks where they exist, and providing new toilets where they do not”.

I ask this on behalf of the health of the whole of the community,” Ms Brown said. “Children are being told to urinate and even worse in the park because there is no toilet available.”

Mr Rees said: “Four street toilets were closed in January 2018 which were located close to parks but the toilets within parks have remained open.

We are pleased to be able to share that we will be providing new facilities in both St George’s Park and Eastville Park in the coming months.

And we’re also going to be upgrading St Andrew’s Park toilets before the next summer and looking forward to putting new facilities in Victoria Park.”

The new toilets in St George’s Park will open at 8am and stay open until 6pm when they will lock automatically.

They were provided as part of an £85,000 project to upgrade facilities in St George’s Park.

An online guide to all the toilets available for public use was launched this week.

It includes more than 100 businesses and public sector organisations which make their loos available to the public and can be found here.

Mr Rees told councillors to start approaching organisations in their area if their ward was under-represented in the list.

By Amanda Cameron, Local Democracy Reporting Service