Fishponds Voice News

June 05 2016

Poor parking blocks drive of disabled man

AN EASTVILLE school has renewed its plea for traffic calming measures after it emerged parents have been blocking the entrance to the home of a severely disabled man... Read More

June 05 2016

To the community of Eastville ward: from Mhairi Threlfall and Mahmadur Khan

Thank you very much for supporting myself and Councillor Mahmadur Khan, and for giving both of us the opportunity to represent you over the next four years as your councillors for Eastville... Read More

June 05 2016

Thank you from Lesley Alexander

Thank you for voting for me again and I am privileged to serve you all for another four years... Read More

June 05 2016

Hello Frome Vale from Nicola Bowden-Jones

During my election campaign I called on over 2000 households in Frome Vale, and met so many lovely people. .. Read More

June 05 2016

A message from Hillfields councillors Craig Cheney and Anna Keen

First of all we would both like to thank all those that voted for us and gave us the opportunity to represent Hillfields. We learnt so much about some of the great things that already happen in this area and it was great to talk to and get to know so many people in the community throughout the election campaign... Read More

June 05 2016

Craig lands a leading role in new Mayor’s cabinet

HILLFIELDS councillor Craig Cheney has been given a leading role in the new Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees’s cabinet... Read More

June 05 2016

Are we being sacrificed for the greater good?

THE battle over Stoke Lane has moved into its third phase this month following two significant victories by local campaigners... Read More

June 05 2016

Heartfelt campaign by Conor’s family

IT’S five years this month since Conor Hall died after a scooter accident and his family are still raising money for good causes... Read More

June 05 2016

Queens 90th Birthday

Celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday are in full swing this spring... Read More

May 10 2016

Voice of the people achieves delay in shock road closure

WE’VE won the battle – now let’s win the war. That’s the response of campaigners who swung into action last month when they heard that Stoke Lane was to be shut to northbound traffic for a year... Read More