No COVID-19 deaths in Fishponds for a month, new figures show

July 29 2020
No COVID-19 deaths in Fishponds for a month, new figures show

NO residents of Fishponds died with coronavirus for a whole month, official figures show.

An in-depth breakdown from the Office for National Statistics, released on July 24, revealed the number of deaths from every area in the country which involved COVID-19 in June.

The ONS has published an interactive online map dividing the country into small geographic areas, each with a population of around 7,500 people, and recording how many people in each area died with coronavirus.

None were recorded during June in the following ONS areas:

*Fishponds North, which includes Fishponds Road east of the Lodge Causeway junction, Oldbury Court and all roads off Manor Road;

*Stapleton, which includes parts of Grove Road and Everest Road, as well as roads off Blackberry Hill;

*Eastville, which includes the area around Fishponds Road west of the Lodge Causeway junction plus roads leading off Gordon Road and Rose Green Road;

*Speedwell, which includes roads off Lodge Causeway, Whitefield Road and Brook Road;

*Fishponds South, which includes most of Hillfields and some roads south of Staple Hill Road.

The Fishponds South ONS area is one of only four in Bristol where no residents are reported to have died with coronavirus since the first UK deaths in March: the other areas are Hotwells, Totterdown and Hartcliffe.

There was one death in the ONS Lower Easton area, which includes the bottom of Fishponds Road between Muller Road and Stapleton Road, during June.

Further afield, another death was recorded of a Redfield during June, along with one in Frenchay and Great Stoke, which includes the Stoke Park estate.

No deaths were recorded in Downend, Staple Hill, St George or Emersons Green and six in the area the ONS calls Frenchay and Great Stoke.

April was the deadliest month of the pandemic in most areas, including Fishponds.

ONS figures released during June showed that in total, 27 people had died with COVID-19 in Fishponds, Eastville and Stapleton.

In the week to July 17 - the most recent one for which official figures are available - there were two COVID-19 deaths were recorded among Bristol residents: one at a care home and one at home. In the previous week there had been none and in the three weeks before that there were 10: four in hospitals and six in care homes.

In total, 252 Bristol residents had died with the virus in the year to July 17.

In South Gloucestershire the total was 169.