Not enough brass bands

August 31 2018

Not enough brass bands

THERE is already a demand for local brass bands to support their community during Remembrance Day services. The issue is that there are not nearly enough bands available that can cover all these services, with the majority commencing from 11am on Remembrance Sunday.

This is partly due to a drop in interest and support of the existing brass bands that are around and most, like ourselves, who are struggling to find players.  

I am a member of Crofts End Silver Band, based in Hanham, we are a small friendly brass band and meet every Friday evening at the United Reform Church in Tabernacle Road.  We, like our fellow brass bands, are struggling to find players and we are really keen to welcome anyone who may not have played for several years to come and join us. We actually play for enjoyment and not contesting.

I personally had an 18-year break from playing due to the pressures of competing, my previous band would enter the local and regional competitions.  It became too much and l lost my desire to play and didn’t think l would again.  However, l was rejuvenated when l was approached and asked to come along to a practice and it’s not quite two years now, that l have been a member of Crofts End Silver Band.  Although it was a big gap coming back to the brass band world this new lease has given me much passion and enjoyment to play again, also l have gained new friends.  I just wish now that l hadn’t have left it so long!  I say all this because l am hoping that there are players like myself for whatever reason, whether family, work or illness who haven’t played for a while and perhaps would be interested if given the opportunity to take up an instrument again.

When we perform we are asked if we will come back again and this year we find ourselves facing a difficult dilemma as we have been approached to support several Remembrance Day services for this the 100th year since the end of World War One. If we were a larger band then this might be possible as we could split our band to accommodate at least two of our local community services.

So the demand is there for brass bands just sadly not the musicians. I wish l knew why, l don’t think that cutting the performing arts education in schools such as music has helped.  We do have instruments to loan so come and try us. Listen to ‘Brassed Off' on YouTube and feel the buzz although we are not quite at that standard yet and may never will be! So support your local band save our brass bands from dying out.

Anyone interested in giving us a try please contact either Denise 0794 4887979 or myself Claire 0742 1386860.


Claire Drummond

Crofts End Silver Band