November 2018: Vet's Advice

November 02 2018

Career Choices: What do Vets and Vets Nurses do?

Each day in a veterinary practice is never the same! Our daily challenges involve a lot of problem solving (mainly because our patients can’t tell us what’s wrong), holistic care and supporting pet owners. Our knowledge needs to be quite broad: we may be advising owners on many aspects of pet care, such as preventative care, disease processes and treatments through to advising on nutrition. It is never boring!

In the morning and afternoon we see pets daily for routine health checks, vaccinations and examinations of ill animals, e.g. ear infections, skin problems, organ dysfunctions etc. Nurses often run their own clinics, such as care plan check-ups, nail clips, post-operative checks and much more. Check-ups are important to keep an eye on the health of our pets: a yearly check for a dog would equate to 7 years in a human! Subtle signs such as weight loss, dental disease or muscle wastage can be picked up.

Between consulting sessions,we operate in our dedicated theatre. This may be routine neutering, x-rays, flushing ears, through to more complex surgeries such as fracture or cruciate repairs. We may also have in-patients who need intensive nursing care. The vet and nurse will work together to ensure the patient’s needs are met through a combination of close monitoring, intra-venous fluid therapy, medication and some general TLC!

It is an enjoyable job that certainly keeps us on our toes! You never stop learning!

If you would like to meet the team or have a look around the practice, feel free to give us a call and we can arrange a suitable time.

From Catherine, Kate, Caroline, Lucy, Amy, Jade, Charlotte and Yasmin at Kingswood Vets4Pets.