Outdoor play crusade chalks up successes

May 01 2018
Outdoor play crusade chalks up successes

CREATIVE children at two Fishponds schools have been taking part in activities to promote outdoor play.

May Park Primary has been involved in a Chalk Challenge while Chester Park Junior School held a Stay and Play, the CPJ Way after-school event.

The fun was organised by Jo Chesterman, from the Bristol-based organisation Playing Out, which supports temporary road closures to let children play safely and freely in their street.

Jo said that 100-150 people came to the CPJ event -  “It’s hard to  count when people don't stay still!” - and children (and adults) enjoyed skipping, giant Connect 4, tug of war, French skipping, giant bubble making and chalking. 

“It was great to see the front/side of the school used for playing and having fun - with grown ups getting the chance to have a chat with each other too,” she said.

At May Park, the Chalk Challenge was a great success in spite of two interruptions because of snow.

The challenge was to take a piece of pavement chalk home and draw a picture in their street, then enter the competition by emailing this to Jo. 

She chose six winners: Darya Abdullah, Jacob Day, Luther Dalton-Dale, Naman Singh Kasba, Theo Moseley, and Zaina Kashif.

Playing Out sessions take place in residential streets all across Bristol and Fishponds has a high number of active streets.  The road is closed for one/two hours weekly, fortnightly or monthly and allows children to play out and neighbours to get to know each other.  

Residents can still drive in or out during the session, but are escorted a bit like royalty while the children step back onto the pavement. 

 If you would like to know more please get in touch with Jo Chesterman by email (jo@playingout.net) phone (07811816620) or visit the playing out website (www.playingout.net).