Pesticide-free Fishponds campaign launched

June 30 2019
Pesticide-free Fishponds campaign launched

A CAMPAIGN to make Fishponds a pesticide-free zone is being launched.

The Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance, whose members include local food producers Fishponds Community Orchard and Sims Hill Shared Harvest (whose volunteers are pictured above), is calling for an end to the use of the weed killer glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer.

It is the subject of a multi-million dollar legal case in America and has been banned by several countries across the world but remains legal in the UK.

The Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance wants to see and end to the spraying of the chemical, best known for its use in the Roundup brand, in streets, parks and schools.

It is staging a joint event with educational group the People’s University of Fishponds at the Nissen Hut in Eastville Park on August 11, from 6-8pm, to launch the Pesticide Free Fishponds campaign.

People’s University of Fishponds founder Kate Brooks said: “The plan is to make Fishponds safer, cleaner and sweeter for ourselves and wildlife.

Glyphosate has been found to be harmful to pets, bees, birds and wildlife, and can cause skin irritations and even cancer in humans. There have been reports of pet deaths when pets have come into contact with the wet spray.

Despite this, it has been sprayed near schools and in parks.”

The campaigners want to join up Fishponds gardens into one giant pesticide free zone, all managed without chemicals.

To show people how they can still tend their gardens without weedkiller, local experts will share practical ideas for nature-friendly weed control at the launch event, which will also look at ways chemical companies are still defending glyphosate and plan to increase its use.

Friends of Eastville Park will be providing refreshments at their pop-up cafe.

The event will raise money for Pesticide Safe Bristol and Friends of Eastville Park, with those who go along asked to pay £3.50 on the door.