Petition launched to scrap 'dangerous' chicane

October 04 2018

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to remove a road safety measure at Royate Hill which residents say is making their lives a misery.

For decades, traffic under the historic viaduct could pass freely both ways. But the introduction of a chicane and priority right of way system has led to impatient drivers tooting their horns and long queues of traffic, creating increased levels of air pollution.

Protestors also argue the chicane poses a threat to pedestrian safety as motorists speed up in order to get through before they have to give way to oncoming traffic.

Resident Martyn Cordey is leading the campaign and has launched an e-petition calling on Bristol City Council to take action. 

He has put forward several options which he believes could offer a solution, including the western footpath being diverted around the viaduct arch; removal of the chicane and the priority right of way; installation of a yellow box to minimise obstruction of the road; a pedestrian refuge 50m south of the viaduct and a 20mph limit along Royate Hill and Gordon Road.

The petition states: "We understand that there was no consultation with local residents prior to the installation of the chicane, nor any assessment into its impact. Exacerbated by the closure of Greenbank Road, the installation has resulted in the following issues:

Continually increasing sounding of horns by challenged motorists

Continually increasing levels of air pollution caused by idling traffic, particularly during the evening commute period

Continually increasing risk to pedestrians and cyclists due to speeding vehicles vying to reach the chicane

An unpleasant walking and cycling environment"

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “Anyone who lives, works or studies in Bristol can start or sign a petition. Once a petition gets 3,500 signatures there'll be an opportunity to debate the issue in a full council meeting.”

Residents say cars are driven "aggressively" by drivers trying to get through the chicane before oncoming traffic, making the road dangerous to cross. Some have even had cars written off after being hit on the road.

One resident, writing on the campaign's Facebook page, said: "I regularly walk, cycle and drive under the viaduct, and it's awful by any mode of transport!"

Another said: "Living so close to the chicane is painful, unsafe and frustrating!"

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so online at