Plan for new 7-storey block of flats on Fishponds Road is thrown out

July 28 2021
Plan for new 7-storey block of flats on Fishponds Road is thrown out

A PLAN to build a seven-storey block of flats at one of Fishponds' busiest junctions has been thrown out by the city council.

The owners of the Newton Motors garage at the corner of Fishponds Road and Lodge Causeway announced plans in July last year to demolish the current building and replace it with a building containing 46 flats, along with a ground floor shop.

More than 100 people objected to the plans after a planning application was submitted in September for the site, which is opposite the existing Beacon Tower block of flats and next to one of the busiest junctions on Fishponds Road.

Concerns raised included pressure on local parking, increased traffic, overshadowing neighbouring homes and vehicle access to the site form Fishponds Road being across a bus lane, while one objector described the design of the planned building as "clearly hideous".

A petition with 219 signatures was also submitted, objecting to a supermarket being part of the proposed development.

A decision to turn down the application was made by planning officers using delegated powers at the end of June.

Announcing its reasons, the city council said: "The nature and location of the vehicular access proposed on Fishponds Road would be unacceptable in highway safety terms, as would the likely illegal parking generated by the provision of a commercial unit without dedicated parking spaces."

The decision document also cited the affect of the proposed development on the "residential amenity" of neighbouring properties, said it failed to improve the quality of the area or accord with "relevant design considerations".

The applicants had also not come to an "appropriate" legal agreement to provide any improvements to "mitigate the impacts of the development", the council said.

The applications have a right to appeal against the decision.

The council has yet to make a decision on a second planning application for a major site on Fishponds Road.

The owners of the building occupied by Buzz Bingo, opposite Aldi, have applied for permission to convert it into a retail store.

Agents for Jersey-based Jacques L’Hyveuse LP said the site would "ideally lend itself to a further food store or a DIY unit".

Picture: Artist's impression of the planed building submitted to Bristol City Council